Illustrations for Billy's Billing

Most of my time is spent working together with the great people at Billy's Billing. Here I have the privilege of working with strengthening our brand, UX design, various graphic design (online as well as print) and, of course, making a lot of illustrations for the website. 

The funny thing about Billy's Billing is, that it's an easy accounting software (focused on small businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers). Accounting software isn't usually something that you would expect to pay attention to design, and a keeping a contemporary design. That's what makes it a fun place to work. 


At Billy's Billing we use a...

When Men Rode Robots - Vikings

This is part four of my poster series called 'When Men Rode Robots'. Find the other posters in the 'work' section

Artwork for children's book-series Chewing Gum Adventures

I did the illustrations for a series of childrens' books called the Chewing Gum Adventures (published as TyggegummiEventyr in Danish).

The story and concept were made by author and copy writer Alan Emmins. It started out as an adventure he told his daughter Selma as bedtime stories. The books are about chewing gum characters that don't really want to be chewing gum and set out to fulfill their dreams. 

An iPad app has just been released with the story of 'Red in Rome'. It's a storyboard app with interactive elements - check it out here

Icon design for Unity

Last year I designed more than 35 detailed vector badges for Unity, one of the leading game development tools. 

They were to be used as rewards for specific actions on the Unity Developer Network sites, and are comparable to the badges you see in many videogames. Badges are 'unlocked' by users interacting with the site. These are colorful icons that clearly belong to one family, but are unique and show their subject. The shape is inspired by the look of iOS icons, and, and most of them contain the 'false perspective' which provided a setting for the different illustrated elements. 

The different topics were...

Graphic illustrations for

I was hired to do a series of graphic illustrations for a website called The site focuses on helping its customers pick the right gift for the right occasion. Instead of relying on traditional product photos or stock photos, they decided on writing down different kinds of gift categories and having these illustrated in a sort of detailed icons. Since the illustrations aren't being used in larger versions, it was important to keep the compositions simple. The clean vector look is a perfect solution to this. 

I received a brief on a large amount of scenarios/themes, and some different illustrations...

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